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Kevin J Collier sent a message to Mary Barra CEO, General Motors Company - email address that said:

Ms. Barra,

I was very happy to see that you were put in charge of GM and how you have approached fixing issues with customers and their GM products. I have been amazed at the speed that recalls, service recalls have been delivered to customers.

As a long time customer (from 1992 - have purchased or leased 3 Pontiacs and two Chevrolets), I want to remain a GM customer. However, watching what has transpired over the last couple of weeks has started to influence whether or not that loyalty will stay.

I am concerned that President Trump has been talking about removing regulations from auto manufacturers. This is a concern for me and my family. We do not want to see gas mileage numbers go down. We do not want to see GM back away from electric/hybrid vehicles. We do not want to see safety standards reduced.

Profits are always a concern with large corporations as you have to answer to your shareholders. However, backing away from current standards is not the answer. I believe you can continue making competitive vehicles that are safe, friendly to the environment and get good (or better) mileage.

I hope you do not back away from current standards. While President Trump thinks what he is doing is best for your company, I dont agree that this will be best for your customers.

Thanks for your time.

Kevin Collier
4517 Beaus Way
Garland, TX 755043

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