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Mrs. Mary Barra, (CEO GM)
My name is Jaime Urbina and I am the owner of a 2015 Chevy Tahoe. For the last three weeks I have been communicating via phone and email with Carl through GM CustomerCare (case# 9-5586955912). My issue is that the clear coat on the Tahoe on the hood and roof has cracked all over and needs to be repaired and repainted. I followed instructions given to include taking the Tahoe to a GM dealership with a body shop because the body shop information I had given was not good enough apparently.
After doing what was told, and the body shop manager clearly stating it’s a clear coat factory defect which he has seen 5 times just this year at his shop, GM customer care rep Carl advised me that GM will do nothing because of the age of the vehicle. If they knew the age of my vehicle from the beginning why go through all the steps of taking it to GM body shop. Once told it’s their paint fault, then why refuse, makes no sense.
Apparently it is ok for a $50K vehicle GM makes to have its paint (not blemishes but entire roof and hood) look completely horrible due to clear coat falling off. I had 2 dealerships and 2 other body shops all say this is not vandalism or caused by human mistake such as washing. It is a factory paint defect but GM won’t help fix because car is 4 years old. Well couple things, a friend of mine has a 2017 Tahoe with similar issues and according to the shop manager that spoke with Carl, just in his shop he has seen 5 this year.
This cannot be ok with GM. I have purchased multiple GM cars in my life (46 years old) and never has had issues but this is a deal breaker. I cannot in the future possibly agree to purchase another GM nor would I ever recommend to friends or family to buy GM vehicles whose paint will do this in 2-4 years and GM refuses to help.
I asked Carl for additional information so that I could continue my fight against GM on this matter but he either refused to provide the information or did not know and so I am left with no other options to proceed with GM and must find other means as I am not happy and will not stop fighting for what I think is wrong by GM.
There is just no way anyone would expect this on a four year old car. I have been given 3 estimates ($3500, $2300 and GM body shop $1850). I will have the body shop at GM fix next Monday but will continue my fight to try to get reimbursed. I contact you as a consumer who feels he has been done wrong and seek any advice or help in the manner.
Thank You
Jaime Urbina

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