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Amwell Fabrication is an ISO 9001 & AS:9100 Rev D certified company that follows strict procedure and maintains a high level of standard demanded of us by our customers and registrar to provide equipment and certified parts to the Aviation and Defense industry. In this market we proudly serve companies like Bell, Lockheed, and Raytheon from simple testing equipment to certified flying parts. We also serve the Architectural Metals market with stainless countertops

As of this morning 03/23/2020 We have been in contact with three other companies that would band together with us to support any projects that would aid the country in any capacity to relieve the need for medical supplies in wake of the COVID – 19. We have at our disposal some of the largest and precise equipment in the Dallas Ft. Worth metroplex from manual to 5 axis CNC, waterjet and laser capability, a fully American CNC press-brake made to form any sheet metal parts required, and we even offer 3D printing services. We have access to mechanical and electrical engineering support as well. With Government Support we can build clean rooms where necessary and shelter in place employees to operate the machinery necessary to tackle almost any type of manufacturing problem at hand and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to do so in service to our Great Nation.

Amwell Fabrication has been in operation for 22 years and would like to provide our expertise to help fight back against the Covid-19 outbreak. If we can help in any way please contact our office at ap@amwellfab.com

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