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Greeting Ma'am,
A little about me. I'm a long time owner of the GMC product. I have owned 5 Yukons and my current vehicle is a 2016 GMC Denali XL. I have been having transmission issues for quite awhile. It has had the transmission drained/flushed 4 times, and the torque converter changed out. Problem still exist. I've been waiting on a loaner from the dealer for about two weeks. I like to think people are professional, but this dealer seems to just disregard me as a customer. I am in contact with GMC customer care with little to no solutions. They call every 3 days with no results, just that they will continue to talk with the dealer. After 30 years of military service, I expect as much Professionalism. My case # for GMC Customer Care: 9-5701368151.
My cell is: 270-300-0512

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