@mtbarra – Mary Barra – Hi Ms Barra, first i?d like applaud you for the absolutely wonderful job you?ve done

Joseph Chasteen sent a message to Mary Barra that said:

Hi Ms Barra, first i’d like applaud you for the absolutely wonderful job you’ve done with GM since taking over your CEO position, I don’t think you quite get the credit you deserve. So I’m hoping you can help me with the issue I have. I have a 1991 Corvette which has an open recall on the seat belts but when I’ve contacted Chevrolet they tried locating seatbelts for my car but unable to and they don’t have a solution. This is my daily driver and the driver seatbelt is intermittently having an issue. Actually the whole car has intermittent issues and what was supposed to be a fun classic convertible sports car to drive, has been a nightmare money pit since i bought it, which is sad cause it was my high school dream car. If i could afford to buy another car, i would but since i’m stuck with it, i’d like to at least have safety belts that function properly AT ALL times..lol. If they could be located and sent to me, i can install them myself, i do have the know how to do so. Your help, if possible would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for Your Time Joseph Chasteen

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