@mtbarra – Mary Barra – I was lied to by mr. Glen Castro at Chrysler dealership.Littleton nh January 22

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I was lied to by mr. Glen Castro at Chrysler dealership.Littleton nh

January 22, 2020


I purchased 2017 Buick encore from Chrysler 851 meadow st Littleton chevrolet dec jan 2018
The salesman was Glen Castro the owner of dealership is Duane Cote. I have never been in dealership not have I ever met in person these two people. I Only talked on phone.
I was told by Glen Castro my payment would be $250 not a penny more. He took the 2009 Subaru as apart of the payment to purchase a new car. I can't emphasize strongly ENOUGH that Mr Castro never said any other amount to me for the cost of car!!!! He sent a driver to my home with many papers....I did not see a figure I just signed them quickly...I called up on the phone when I was waiting and once again was told $250. Mr Castro did not discuss with me how he was handling the trading in of the 2009 subura. When my son showed up to pick up a car he was given another car not the one he thought he was getting. I did not find out the real payment of 497.45 a month until northeast credit union contacted me . I called and mr Castro no longer worked there and Mr Cote was not any help me in anyway to solve the situation.
I am 76 hrs old I still work part time but this is killing me. I pay all my bills and have excellent credit score.if Mr Cote could have helped me have a payment of $250 ..that is all I asked for many many times .but instead he lied to me and put me in a horrible situation.
I am asking for HELP to solve this situation.

Joan m wiegers

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