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CHARILAOS MOSCHONAS KARKAVELAS sent a message to Mukesh Ambani that said:

Dear Mr Mukesh Ambani...

Firstly, i am sorry to disturb you sir...

I grown up in a small place in Greece from poor family. At 18 years old i started to work on
ships in order to survive... 10 years ago at the age of 28, i thought i could escape from ships
making one investment which has made my life nightmare as i lost 300,000 Euro..

I believe in miracles..i believe that you can help me Sir in order to bring my life to zero.. I don't
want to live as a rich man… i just want only a simple life back..

For sure there is no perfect life, only perfect times and that times for me is only when i am with my family...
Now i am still working on ships away from them as i have to pay my debt... If i could make
that debt become zero i would have the chance to survive without working in the ships..

Thank you in advance Mr Bernard Arnault for reading this.. I wish you have even only 1 minute from
your time to help me and reply to this e-mail...i am really desperate…

Thanks and best Regards
Charilaos K. Moschonas

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