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My 90 year old mother, Virginia Martin -had to relocate from one – Glen Post email address

Linda sent a message to Glen F. Post, III President and CEO, CenturyLink, Inc. that said:

My 90 year old mother, Virginia - had to relocate from one condo unit to another in her building on Marco Island, FL. Due to her age, we had to time her move to ensure that she would have telephone service as she has a life alert system linked to her phone. I was told that her phone would be moved on Friday, September 11, 2015 (yesterday) so we coordinated her move with the move of her phone service. Unfortunately, CenturyLink is "running behind" and although my mother has moved into her new unit, she is without phone service. In speaking to the CL representative, I was told that there was nothing that can be done until Monday since the technicians do not work on weekends. I subsequently spoke to a supervisor named Jordan, who also said nothing could be done. I questioned if CL has staff for emergencies and was told they do but they would be engaged in the event 200 phones were out of service but not for one customer. I explained to Jordan that if my mother falls in the interim and can't get help because her phone service is not operational, I would hold CL responsible. It is appalling that a company the size of Century Link cannot remedy this situation sooner than Monday. They are quick to charge a $53 relocation fee, but sadly short on service. There was no higher supervisor available but Jordan advised that he would email the regional supervisor of my problem and I provided my telephone number for a return call. That was four hours ago and I have not heard from anyone. This is sub-standard customer service at best, I would have delayed my mother's move had I known that CL was running behind schedule and that her phone service was not moving with her. As CEO, you need to be aware that your company is not positioned to respond to individual problems no matter how serious they may be. Not having access to her Life Alert system is a serious problem for my 90 year old mother and CL cannot come up with a remedy for a 72 hour period. Hopefully, my mother does not need help between now and when her service is finally moved.

Frustrated and disappointed,


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