My account # 9100 291 04943 2I had a over payment of $1077.06 as – Gerard M Anderson email address

Christopher Maxwell sent a message to Gerard M. Anderson Chief Executive Officer of DTE Energy Company Email Address that said:

My account # 9100 291 04943 2

I had a over payment of $1077.06 as of 3/15/17 did not receive a bill for 155 days ( I continued making payments $395) during which time DTE did a computer upgrade once i did receive a bill my $1077.06 disappeared.

I have called at least 70 times chatted at least 15 contacted my representative and still no results and it has been almost a year.

All I get is BS like it has been escalated, sent to billing for investigation it is endless.

Please help
Chris Maxwell
26658 W Huron River Dr
Flat Rock, Mi 48134

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