My daughter was working in the store of Reedley Ca – Todd J Vasos email address

Esther sent a message to Todd J. Vasos – Chief Executive Officer of Dollar General Corporation – Email Address that said:
My daughter was working in the store of Reedley Ca, yesterday she was fired, the manager of district just terminated her, when her supervisor already gave her a written notice and spoke with her and gave her the opportunity of improve what supposed she did wrong, and found that very unprofessional , my Daughert never missed a day of work, she was called many times to cover the absence of other coworker even the her supervisor a girl that asked my daughter to cover her time to do personal stuff, like thanksgiving day, my daughter chance her schedule to give her day off to her supervisor, what kind of human being are you? That you treat your employees like trash, I use to work in the farms and packing house companies and for me always I received good matters grommets my superiors O superviser, if I did something grown I received the opportunity of correct my error, I don't if you take your employees with dignity, but really is very sad seen things like that in a big company. ...especially when we lived in a small town and received greatly when you open your store, but my daughter was no the only person fired like that in this store, not wondering why they are always hired people...but only I can said thanks for let my daughter work in your company, but I hope someday you can take more about your employees. .

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