My girlfriend bought me a gift for Christmas. I got it on the 25th.after – Hubert Joly email address

Mark sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy – email address that said:

My girlfriend bought me a gift for Christmas. I got it on the 25th.after that day I was gone out of town until the 15th of January. The 'experts' so called geek squad told her it would fit. Before she bought a stereo I asked her to check with me to make sure it fit but SHE TRUSTED Best Buy's opinion and made the purchase. We went to Best Buy to have the stereo installed and was told it did fit and modifications would have to be made.....Because the stereo won't fit it cost almost the same price to install it as the actual price of the item itself. That's what we were told by Best Buy-- two totally different expert opinions from the geek squad at Best Buy. So we asked to return it for a refund. We were told it was 1 day passed the date for return and that nothing could be done- this is with a receipt in hand showing it was a gift purchase I hate she even went to the Best Buy store she did because I have been previously falsely accused of STEALING at the same store - how humiliating and degrading that was is unexplainable- I was 36 years old when this occurred. Same store! I pray Best Buy is a better company that this and this is just a one store problem. If this problem with the return isn't rectified I'm done with Best Buy and I'll spread the word via social media and make sure everyone knows Best Buy doesn't care about the customer and even drives them away with discrimination!

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