My husband and I were about to purchase a home in Calabash Lakes Carolina Shores – David V Auld email address

Michael and Constance Duerr sent a message to David V. Auld - President and Chief Executive Officer of D.R. Horton Inc. - Email Address that said:

My husband and I were about to purchase a home in Calabash Lakes Carolina Shores NC. A week later we went back to see the home with the driveway and landscape done. Imagine our surprise to see a manhole cover right smack on the driveway. The supervisor informed us that until they leveled the dirt to pour the driveway that they were not aware it was there. So we are supposed to believe that your engineers with surveys and maps had no idea?They promised to fix this eyesore that was sticking up an inch from the driveway because it was done so shoddy that I tripped on it. They just finished pouring new cement in 1 section instead of doing the entire driveway. This is after a 4 week delay because they ran out of cement. We went back to see it yesterday and it is 4 shades darker than the rest of the driveway. Their answer was well we fixed and leveled the mistake and we said the cement wouldnt match. Do you really think we can buy this home and spend over 220000 dollars and see 2 panels of driveway totally different ? The landscape is all crooked on the side with no edging. We read the review about how what poor quality and shoddy work Dr Horton builds. Is this what you stand for? We asked that they stamp the driveway to correct this which they refused and said in the big picture whats a driveway when you have a nice house. So full disclosure was not given about a sanitary sewer on the driveway, the original cement was done incorrectly leaving a 1 inch raise on the manhole the only 1 section of driveway is redone when they fully were aware it wouldnt come even close to matching. We have no trust in the workmanship of your home and have wasted 3 months on this home believing that it would turn out well. We are not going to purchase and we will not be the first sale you lose if this is the quality you stand for. We are beyond upset and frustrated since our rental lease must either be renewed for another year or we have to pay and extra 200.00 a month if we stay month to month and try to buy another home. We need you to fix this mistake which your people who were incompetent in the first place and have turned this process into a nightmare ASAP. Michael and Constance Duerr

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