My Loyalty card number is under my phone number above. I just thought you would – Ian McLeod email address

Russell sent a message to Ian McLeod – CEO, Southeastern Grocers – Email Address that said:

My Loyalty card number is under my phone number above.

I just thought you would like to see a copy of my 1 Star Yelp Review for terrible customer service:

Absolutely the worst customer service lately. We live in the neighborhood and have probably spent tens of thousands of dollars at this store throughout the years. We've watched most of the cashiers grow up before our eyes. We know many on a first-name basis.

So it really took us back when we were treated so very poorly at this Lutz, FL Winn Dixie.

As a family of 4, we tend to eat a lot of meat. Every now and then, a package just does not smell right. In the 3 or 4 times in the last 10 years, the store employees simply asked us to bring back the label and they would replace the meat.

So when my wife brought the label in, she was stunned when she was told she would have to return with the foul smelling pork roast. She was upset when she returned, so I brought the roast back.

Upon arriving at the store, I was told the Manager Hunter would have to handle the issue. After about 5 minutes, Hunter asked what was going on. When I explained to him that the roast was bad and we wanted an exchange, he stated he already told my wife she would need to return the roast. At which point, I took the roast out of my Sams Club back and put it on the counter. Unfazed, hunter then said I would need the receipt! (Who keeps grocery store receipts?)

I told Hunter I did not have the receipt and asked to speak to his supervisor. At which time, he gave me a really juvenile expression (Admittedly, I had some not so nice words about Hunter wiping that smirk off his face!) and disappeared behind the office door. He then told me I could not speak to the District manager - rather I would have to leave the store or he would call the Sheriff! Well, if several minutes later the Sheriff's office did not show up.

While waiting for the Sheriff, I asked one of the employees for the District Manager phone number. Hunter instructed the employees not to provide any phone numbers!

Hunter would rather call the Sheriff on loyal customers than return tainted product or even try to satisfy a customer! Even the Deputy was stunned!

So I went to the Land of Lakes store with my rancid pork and product package and label. In Land O'Lakes, the clerk gladly replaced the meat and apologized for the inconvenience.

I have a Publix and a Winn Dixie a few miles North along with a Publix and a Winn Dixie a few miles south of my home. Although this Winn Dixie is closest, it's definitely off my shopping list!

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