My name Cecilia from united republic of Tanzania. Iam woman aged 59 years and – Diego Della Valle email address

Cecilia sent a message to Diego Della Valle President and CEO, Tod’s – email address that said:

My name Cecilia from united republic of Tanzania. I am woman aged 59 years and also a disabled woman. One of my right leg was attached with poliomyelitis when i was young of five years. i am also a single mother. My intention to find you in this world i dont want to die poor . In my country people with disabilities are not accounted as normal people were are being abused, stigma and discrimination so my country have shaped me to be poor, We don't get married only rapping us and living children to care ourselves. They do not look what we can do, Dear sir if you do not mind support me US dollar4,500 i will the money as working capital to my business,
I am ready to cooperate with you by sending to you my picture and answer any question
Thank you indeed
Your sincerely

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