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My Name is Adrian and I’m From Suffolk Virginia and Now Currently Homeless – Bob Dudley email address

Adrian sent a message to Bob Dudley Group Chief Executive, BP that said:


My Name is Adrian and I'€™m From Suffolk Virginia and Now Currently Homeless. I Have Lost My Residence For Not Being Able To Handle My Financial Difficulties. I was currently staying with my Mother and Father on 211 Saint James Avenue Suffolk, Virginia But I Could Not Produce A Job To Help Out In The Household. Also I Have Two Of My Children I Was Raising and Could Not Support Without Help. I Gained Custody Of Them Due To The Mother of My Children Inability to Effectively Raise My Children With Proper Education and Values. Virginia Schools has a Better System Than Alabama Where They Are Originally From and My Oldest Daughter is Having Reading Problems. They Were Attending School at Elephants Fork Elementary Until They Moved Back to Alabama With Their Mother. I Moved To Alabama From Virginia Where I Met The Mother of My Child. We Had My Oldest at 8 Years ago and My Youngest 6 Years Ago. Unfortunately, I Am Not The Biological Father of The Youngest Child But I Still Raise Her On My Own. There Was An Incident Where The Mother of My Child Allowed Another Man To Drop My Youngest Child Causing Injuries That Resulted in A Full Body Cast. I Immediately Pulled My Child From The Situation But As A Favor She Asked Me To Take The Youngest Child As Well. After Time I Learned To Care For Her Child As Mine Own. Though It Was Not My Burden To Carry Financially I Did That As Well. Unfortunately Without My Knowledge She Filed Child Support in Alabama While I Was Taking Care of Both Children. I Was Unable To Rectify The Matter With The Courts and Now I am in $10,000 Behind in Child Support Which is A Felony in The United States. I Am A Victim Of Hurricane Katrina, I'm Unable To Go Back To Alabama To Resolve My Custody Issue Due To An Active Warrant For Domestic Violence. I Was Stranded in An Apartment With The Mother Of My Children and We Were Arguing Due To The Fact Of For 5 Days and Nights Without Any Lights, Heat, or Hot Water. We Were Both Arrested For A Domestic Dispute For Being Loud and Keeping Up A Disturbance. This Was A Trying Period in My Life and I Did Not Have Any Money For A Lawyer. I Went To Court and We Were Both Convicted. I Loved The Gulf Coast But I Could No Longer Stay in These Conditions So I Moved To Virginia. I Attempted To Apply For The Deepwater Horizon Spill Settlement But They Stated I Did Not Meet The Requirements Because I Worked For Allstate An Insurance Company. I Felt I Was Deeply Effected By Hurricane and Need Assistance. I am Currently Staying in An Abandon House At Suffolk Virginia.

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