My name is Christian LaRiviere in June of 2014 I used your company to move – Roger S Penske email address

Christian LaRiviere sent a message to Roger S. Penske - Chairman of the Board and CEO of Penske Corporation - Email Address that said:

My name is Christian LaRiviere in June of 2014 I used your company to move my home from Michigan to North Carolina, during that move your truck mechanically was failing and what was ment to be a 14 hour trip turned into a 24 trip to where we had to drive straight though nonstop unless it was for gas not shutting the truck off. it was extremely stressful including the extensive stress and exhaustion the gas the truck consumed was more the the rental itself. I contacted your company immediately I was in contact with Justine Elliott at that time I was issued a full refund and she spoke with me on the phone explaining even though I provided receipts for my gas she could not remburse me for that but what she could do was notate the system and credit my next rental for me all I had to do was call in when I was ready to move again it would all be taken care of.

I misplaced the contact information so I messaged when I new I needed a rental to see who I needed to call I was put in contact with a Bridget Boylan at which time I was informed that Justine Elliott was no longer with the company. She could see the notations of my refund but nothing on the credit for my next rental so since she was unable to see anything on that what she could do was offer me a discount in the amount of 30%.
After everything that I went through I took the word that your company would honor what I was told and this is not true. I have learned next time to get everything in writing which is horrible but true. I have used your company faithfully multiple multiple times from state to state. and not only this but when I called Budget and Uhaul they were wanting to give me the same discount and I have never been a customer to them over the years they just wanted to do it.

I continued to be a customer of yours because everytime you always moved my belongings and family safely to the destination. That is what your trucks do for people and as customers we have to put our trust in your company and trucks that you wil do that. unforseen things happen like a truck not running correctly but its your job to make sure it always is. the one time wasnt enough to tarnish the other 9 that did not.
What does is customer service.

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