My name is Colleen I’m a single mom to a son who has just finished – Edward W Stack email address

Colleen sent a message to Edward W. Stack – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dick’s Sporting Goods – Email Address that said:

My name is Colleen I'm a single mom to a son who has just finished his first year of college, He is Majoring in Sports Administration minor in coaching and minor in business, smart hardworking kid,
This summer2016 my son said "Ma I'm going to work at Dick's sporting Goods" he's always wanted to work there, He started working at the store in Williston Vermont May11 2016, He was so excited to work in Team Sports and help people buy a bat, glove or what ever they needed, But last night May 15 2016 he came home all upset because one of the mangers told him he needed to go back on the farm, made fun of the way his cloths are, and no one willing to train him to succeed in his dream job, they just said well you will sink or swim. It broke my heart that a company of your size works and employees people of this nature. But I know my son will continue his journey in sports . His comment to me last night. "Watch out Dicks Sporting Goods, I will open a store that caters to the customer not on earning stickers in the back room, They will be treated with a smile when they come thru the door and when they leave the door, even if they don't buy a thing, ... Watch out world 🙂 Thank you for listening... But you might want to step back and look inside the stores to see how they are run, unless you dont care and just want the money at any cost.
Thank you Colleen

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