My name is Crissy and Irsquo;m contacting you on behalf of Yooz Inc. We – Paul Mastrapa email address

crissy sharp sent a message to Paul Mastrapa - CEO Option Care - Email Address that said:

My name is Crissy and Im contacting you on behalf of Yooz Inc.
We help companies by automating their Accounts Payable process.
And I can tell you with confidence that automation makes dealing with AP considerably easier.
In addition to that, it doesnt cost an arm and a leg either.

1. We reduce 95% of your data entry - no more sore fingers!
2. We create electronic approval workflows that do exactly what you do now without passing around ANY paper
3. We push the data directly into your ERP so you can pay bills quickly
4. We can save you money and time and get you a ROI
5. You can process AP documents on mobile devices
6. Never pay a vendor twice

My goal is to figure out how you think your process could improve, then make it happen.
I want to know if I can give you a very quick call in a few days to explain how that works.
Would that be ok with you?

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