My name is Crystal Hooks, the information. I gave you is from my – Glenn M Renwick email address

Crystal  sent a message to Glenn M. Renwick – Chief Executive Officer and President of Progressive Corporation – Email Address that said:
My name is Crystal, the information. I gave you is from my son's policy. I heped him start with PROGRESSIVE insurance. But I was not on his policy only my email address. Jordan his fiancé Sarah Simonetti purchased the car and resided together at another address outside of my home. They had an accident in 10/2015. I was not driving, I do not drive his car and was not on the policy. When Jordan spoke with the claims representative, Jordan explained to him what happened and for some reason the representative involved my name in the claim (Crystal C Hooks ). Jordan said no that I (Crystal C Hooks) was not involved. Jordan told me the representative was rude and he kept insisting that I (Crystal C Hooks) was involved. Therefore I called the Claims Representative and I left a message explaining the same and left my contact # but he didn't return my call. Jordan told me that he spoke with the representative and he said that he cleared it up.
Now today i was trying to change my insurance to Progressive with the quote I was given on 8/1/2016 of $222.50 down $128.50 monthly. This is when I was alerted that I have a "NOT AT FAULT" report on my record that should was a FALSE REPORT. I was given the Lexis Nexis information I called that process. Then I called PROGRESSIVE back to purchase insurance.
The first quote representative I spoke with today said the rates went up $227.25 is what I'd have to pay today $132.50 monthly. In trying to clear up my record I've spoken to 4 different representatives that gave me four different quotes within 3 hours each one was higher than the one before. I promise you . I spoke with 2 claim representatives, that were unable to do anything at all. The first tried to send me back to policy care where i was transferred from and then told me her system went down. The next found the information and transferred me to avoice mail. I asked her was anything started in the system to clear this off my report and she evaded the question and told me if it went to voice mail just press zero and someone else would help me. I did that and after it went silent for a minute the line disconnected.


my son Jordan

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