My name is Deb I placed an order on Thanksgiving for a ninja coffee – Kevin Mansell email address

Deb sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

My name is Deb I placed an order on Thanksgiving for a ninja coffee bar I never got this kept trying to track shipment never went past packed. I called on Friday December 2 the lady told me ups never picked up from warehouse they would issue a refund and for my troubles they would give me 30% off an free shipping when I got my refund to call back then I looked at emails this morning and Floretel C emailed me that I would have to wait until Dec. 9 for them to even process a refund this gift is for my daughter that will be in town Dec.10 so this was too long to wait I just called back an talked to Leo an he said he checked into an THAT this time of year ups dies not track packages an that I have to wait an see if it comes by Dec. 9th I feel I'm getting the run around because I order online all the time an every package the last 2 weeks I've been able to track for fed ex ups an usps. I am very upset about this purchase an getting the run around an I could've got this item cheaper at Carsons friends and family event if I had my refund.  I work in retail an customer service also an I would do what I could to help someone especially at this time of year an not make false statements an tell people to wait 6 days to see if they get a package!!

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