My name is Donna and I’m e mailing you on behalf so my son. He is now 23 a – Keith E. Wandell email address

Donna sent a message to Keith E. Wandell Chairman, President, and CEO, Harley-Davidson Inc that said:

My name is Donna and I'm e mailing you on behalf so my son. He is now 23 and has been battling a rare cancer for 5 years. The chemo he has taken in the past has caused more problems than good. His father and uncles own Harley's and Jonathan wants his dream of riding along side of his father and uncles. He's working and going to college, feeling nit that great. He has been saving every penny he can to get a bike. I know from years of my family riding that people who ride have big hearts. Please if there is anyway you can help my son meet his dream. You would make him the happiest person in the world!!! He was unable to get a wish from make a wish because his cancer was found 2 weeks after he turned 18. Please help my son get his dream. Thank you Donna

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