My name is Eddie and I’ve been a Track & Field runner since age 12 – Edward W Stack email address

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My name is Eddie and I've been a TrackField runner since age 12 which feels like my whole life 🙂

I am currently a unsponsored Mid/distance runner in individual training for track and field due to my former college not having the program.. My main goals this year are: to be in the top 3 Competing in my first USA Olympic trials at the end of the season and to be on the podium and enjoying the Olympic experience in Rio, Brazil..

My journey of being a Track and field athlete has taught me so much about myself, such as my strengths and weaknesses, and how hard I can push myself physically and mentally. I have been to numerous meets and through many challenges from high school to my collegiate experience, where I learned so much more about my sport. To become a world-class athlete I have/had to push my limits and develop incredible self-discipline. The thing is, I want more, I know I can do more. I am ready to push my limits even further as I know that I can work my way onto a podium.

To be able to reach these goals this year especially as an unattached athlete I have to pay probably close around 3,000 for gear,trips, and meet fees.. This is why I need your support. All donations will directly help me fund my fees. By contributing you will help me reach my goals but you will also take part in our journey of becoming a gold medalist. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me- Philipians 4:13

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