My name is Edward , in August of last year (2015) I joined the Renault – Carlos Ghosn email address

Edward sent a message to Carlos Ghosn – Chairman and CEO, Renault – Email Address that said:

My name is Edward , in August of last year (2015) I joined the Renault family. I purchased a Renault Megane Estate with 1500 cc turbo diesel engine.
In June of this year (2016) my car wouldn't start, after thorough testing in the garage I was told that the fuel system is damaged as a result of contaminated diesel fuel that got into the system in the last refueling. I as a loyal costumer of yours only refuel in gas stations that have an approval from the government, and I have a receipt from my last refueling. The cost of the car repairs is 25,792 NIS (6019 €).
As a customer of the company I would like to know whether the damages are under warranty of the vehicle and if not, why individuals who buy your cars are not guided where you can and cannot refuel.
It may be that the fuel sold in Israel does not fit the Renault car and damages it, but why there is not any warning about it. I would like to why damage like this is not included in the manufacturer's warranty.
The case happened in 23.6.2016 and since I had to rent a replacement car because my job requires mobility, the question is whether the company should provide the customer with a replacement car.
I'm not sure that in the future I will continue to be a customer of the Renault because the company's representatives Israel are not doing their job properly and when I consulted them about this problem have not offered me a workable solution other than replacing the damaged car parts with new car parts. I am very disappointed in the service and lack of responsibility for their vehicles.
As a private costumer I consulted with a mechanic from a different garage and I was told that in cases like this one the company takes care of the vehicle warranty period without the customer participation.
I want to know what I suppose to do with this car in the future, I feel discomfort with this car because I don’t know if this problem will arise again and the car won't start.
What is the solution that the company offers in a case like this?
Thank you for understanding and taking care of the problem,

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