My name is Keva and I a Veteran having served 13 years in – Joe Gorder email address

Keva sent a message to Joe Gorder President and CEO, Valero Energy Corporation that said:
My name is Keva and I a Veteran having served 13 years in the Army and currently in the US Army Reserve. I have applied numerous times with this great Corporation. Only to be sent an email stating I'm not qualify to work and not even given an interview. I started applying in 2007 once released from Active Duty and have continue to apply for whatever position is sent to me. I would like to know why can't I get an interview if this Corporation is Veteran friendly? I have the skills and qualification to work here but I'm not allow to even interview. I'm beginning to think its my race and not my skills or experience. Everybody should be given the opportunity to at least interview. Can you look into this matter and please tell me why I'm not worthy to interview with Valero? My resume is submitted and within minutes I receive an email Thanking for applying but I wasn't consider. I'm not applying for CEO, Vice President or Manager I need a job and a good job with great benefits. Sir, I need you to look into this issue and let me what Im doing wrong because I change the color of my skin. Thank you


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