My name is Lisa and I’m writing you in regards to my recent experience at – Howard R Levine email address

Lisa sent a message to Howard R. Levine – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Family Dollar – Email Address that said:

My name is Lisa and I'm writing you in regards to my recent experience at one of your locations. I have been a dedicated customer by going to family dollar for most of my needs like soaps, household items, and juices etc.. I have been going to the same location but on this trip I was embarrassed and humiliated. I walked to your associate to pay for my purchases and get something from behind the counter as normal. My total was 85.67. As I proceed to scan my card the employee told me it was declined. Now of course my first reaction was let's try it again. This was a pay week so I knew I had funds available. Nevertheless it declined again and as I begun to speak the employee yells across the counter to her manager and said "This customer can't pay of these items her card is declined can you cancel this transaction " . There was a long line of people waiting to be helped and I was deeply embarrassed and confused. The manager came over and noticed the employee made a mistake and we tried my card again which went through. No my apologies from her or the manager. Customers shouldn't be treated this way under no circumstances. I wanted to let you know the experience and as a valued customer I'm questioning if I should go back to any family dollar because of this. You can reach me through email or phone or mail.

It would be appreciated..

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