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My name is Napoleon I’m forced to write this email in regards to your employees at sprint – Marcelo Claure email address

Napoleon sent a message to Marcelo Claure- the chief executive officer of Sprint Corporation- email address that said:

My name is Napoleon  I'm forced to write this email in regards to your employees at sprint store: I got my phone when there was The buy one get one iPhone 6S. Your employees told me I've got in the deal and my iPhone was free. A few months later. I call because I'm paying for two IPhones. I called and they tell me I do not have the BOGO. I have tried customer service. They sent me to the fraud department and then the fraud department has no idea what to do. Everyone on the phone Say it's a store problem and they have to fix it. I have tried talking to the people at the store working with them telling them that they can't give me the bogo then help me out with something else they cannot do anything for me. Hey just say it's my word against theirs but they have people who were there while it happen. At this point I have no idea who to turn to I am being robbed. It is not my fault they tell me the deal was still on and sold me the iPhone. I told the people at the store that they need accountability for all their errors and lying. I on the other hand. I'm welling to work and see what solution may come. Please help me .

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