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My name is Ricky I work for Newmont Mining in Elko, NV and – Joseph Boardman email address

Ricky sent a message to Joseph H. Boardman – CEO, Amtrak – Email Address that said:

My name is Ricky
I work for Newmont Mining in Elko, NV and live in both Elko and Bakersfield, CA.

I was schedule to travel Amtrak on Dec 15, 2016 at 3:05 am from Elko NV to Bakersfield CA. so I caught a cab and was at the Elko station at 2:15 am and when the cab pulled up at the station I saw and elderly couple waiting for the train in the cold.

Why you may ask in the cold? Because Sir the Elko station only have a porch covering it have NO waiting Room and theirs was NO Bathroom, ice on an under the bench and on the steps, and to make matters worse the train was running 3 hours late due to the weather conditions and thats understandable.
But I have been sick with my diabetes because my body need to ajust to my diabetic medication so I have to urinate frequently, and I was on my way from Elko, NV. to Veteran center in Bakersfield CA, I had the cab to wait so the Elderly couples to sit with me in the cab because of snow and frezzes weather, until train arrive.
.Sir that Elko station need to be up graded to accommodate senior citizen women and children and handicap considering this part of the country at this time of the year the snow and freezing weather ice on the ground and steps its just not suitable even and animal because even animals find shelter in the winter., , Thank you in advance Remember Amtrack is part of What Makes America , Great

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