My name is Susan Eileen. I cannot close on the sale of – Brian Moynihan email address

Eileen sent a message to Brian Moynihan President and CEO, Bank of America – email address that said:

My name is Susan Eileen . I cannot close on the sale of my home because of a lien from 2004 from Countrywide. The title company needs a simple letter from B of A stating that they will release any lien on the property so that we can close. Calls from the title company and my husband to your firm have not resulted in resolution. Today I went to you location on Lindell Blvd in St. Louis; complete waste of my time. I am now simply trying to confirm that San from your organization received a fax. The confirmation on my end indicates there was no result on the receiving end. No one that we've spoken with from B of A is the least bit concerned. I'm being penalized today because of a situation that should have been taken care of 12 years ago. Can you put me in touch with someone who will work with me on resolving this problem? Thank you.

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