My name is Tim Dwyer and I am writing on behalf of my wife. She – Barbara Rentler email address

Tim Dwyer sent a message to Barbara Rentler - Chief Executive Officer of Ross Stores - Email Address that said:

My name is Tim Dwyer and I am writing on behalf of my wife. She does not know I am writing to you.

My wife is Dominique Dwyer. Her 40th birthday is quickly approaching and I am trying to pull together something very special for her. For the last 15 years she has been completely focused on her career at and she has climbed that ladder from the ground level and is now the Sr Director in Merchandising over the Home Department.

I know this is a long shot, but I would love to set up a lunch or a skype video call so that she can speak with you for 20 min or so and just talk about women in business. I am sure that a few moments with you would be the greatest birthday gift that she would ever receive. I really want this 40th birthday to be special and I cant think of a better gift than helping her speak with another woman that she sees as a hero.

Please consider my request - it would mean so much to my wife and to me.

I hope to hear from you and completely understand if your schedule doesnt allow you to lend any time.

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