My paypal credit is paid in full and I received my letter after asking for – Daniel H Dan Schulman email address

stephanie walters sent a message to Dan Schulman - President and CEO of PayPal - Email Address that said:

My paypal credit is paid in full and I received my letter after asking for account to be closed. I have notified Paypal credit (all departments) asking for a statement showing my account is ZERO balance for my records. Nine out of ten reps have a different story on policy, a seize and desist was notarized and faxed, which nobody in this household asked for no communication...some reps have looked into this and have seen the faxed document and if the fax was never did I get info to pay off account and receive a letter to my home address after requesting my account to close? I have been told I was caught up in all the changes with Paypal Credit...I believe many that hold jobs with this company need to be trained together instead of customers getting a run around. Im asking for someone to please send my statements, this has been going on since the beginning of March. I have received no emails after payment taken over phone, I can see it posted to Paypal and my bank statements, but nothing from Paypal Credit. Please look into this and have statements sent to my house. I have jumped through hoops, which I never put into play and I continue to get Reps stating something different from the one before....such as documents need to be mailed-not they can be faxed. Documents need to be notarized, now they dont. A verbal okay on the phone is good enough for information to be given now....some reps dont know this. I have my ducks in a row with the documents notarized with confirmation received on Paypal Credits side and there is no way I would of been able to get the information to pay off account or receive some mail from this company. Please send statement showing account paid in full.

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