My reference number is 8441761838. I own a S7 Edge gold platinum and there i – Lee KunHee email address

Chandini Arun sent a message to Lee Kun-Hee Chairman, Samsung - email address that said:

My reference number is 8441761838. I own a S7 Edge gold platinum and there i noticed a crack on the screen. When approached the service centre i was directed to the call centre on the grounds of your warranty policy not covering such quality faults. Moreover your service centre also confirmed that the crack was NOT DELIBERATE NOT ACCIDENTAL. So far i have never recieved any favorable response and moreover i was only blocked by your company and the employee named Swarti has also blocked me,
I have also spoken to your ASM and BSM. Only to receive the same non response. Your ASM Bhoopesh doesnt even have the courtesy of returning or attending my calls, he has no interest in talking to customers and his phone line is ever busy. Is this called REDRESSAL?
I have also proof from several people who have broken their screens (which were DELIBERATELY ACCIDENTAL DROPPED) and have managed to get a free of cost replacement. Your employees gave me a great lecture about your warranty policy of not covering screen cracks then how is it possible that these many people had gotten free of cost replacement, without your offers of Rs. 990 nor one time free replacement offer. Where is your warranty policy in these situations.
Your ASM, BSM are using their own discretion and discrimination on whom to charge and whom to give a free of cost service.
Your company is training your employees to give free of cost service for those who pull strings and have political influence and not to award any service or respite to the genuinely affected person on quality issue on your part. I think the meaning of your warranty policy underlyingly means to cover free of cost to those who use influence and not on genuine grounds of quality issue, For no fault of mine i have witnessed a crack on my screen despite using the flip cover sold by your company and now im asked to pay for 15k for a fault which is on your quality part and not on my part at any cost.
Is this what your company motto is to fleece money from the genuinely affected customer and to give free of cost discrimatory warranty policy to others.
I implore you to look into issue and the discrimation which is being followed by your ASM (Bhoopesh) and BSM in Chennai circle and their discrimation and indifferent and inconsiderate attitute towards the truly genuinely affected customer,
I have been your loyal customer for several years and i think i made a irretrievable blunder of shifting from Apple to your company only to witness this third rated service, discrimination in warranty redressal. Kindly offer a satisfiable solution for my problem at the earliest.

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