My toyota avalon I’m not sure that you care, but I’ve been – Scott Greenstein email address

Kevin sent a message to Scott Greenstein – president and chief content officer of Sirius XM Radio – Email Address that said:

Re radio id JZ26C3WH
My toyota avalon

I'm not sure that you care, but I've been a serious subscriber with multiple vehicles for years. I'm not even sure this will get to you but I'll give it a shot.

Two weeks ago I renewed my subscription because my credit card that I got for my bank expiration date had changed. So when I called to get the new credit card number and extend my subscription for six months I told the rep that I wanted all the same exact channels that I had before. We even joked about him asking me oh you want to Howard Stern and I said yes because I like the interviews.

So he charge my card and I'm supposed to get the exact same subscription and channels including stern channel 101 01.

Lo and behold I didn't get 100 or 101.

So when I called back today I got disconnected twice transferred seven times 1 and a half hours on the phone with sirius and finally when I explained for the seventh time what happened, I was told they could add Howard Stern whatever platform you call that for another $35

That is complete and utter fucking bullshit because I was told for the money that I paid I was getting the same exact subscription which included the two Howard Stern channels

Does anybody there sirius radio in the executive branch or even representatives actually give a flying fuck about their customers? I'm not making this shit up I've been a loyal customer with you guys for years.

I would appreciate it if somebody would call me


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