My wife and I were in the Mishawaka, Indiana store yesterday located at 4410 Grape – Kevin Mansell email address

Chas sent a message to Kevin Mansell – Chairman, Chief Executive Officer and President of Kohl’s Corporation – Email Address that said:

My wife and I were in the Mishawaka, Indiana store yesterday located at 4410 Grape Road. She went her way and I went mine. I headed to the shoe section looking for tennis type shoes for my hard to fit feet. Luckily I happened upon a pair but could not find an associate anywhere to locate the price on them as most of the shoes were on sale. I made my way to the checkouts to ask a cashier for a price check. Before doing so, I checked with the customers in line to see if it would be okay if I went ahead of them to do just a price check. To a person, they all said it would be okay. I went to a checkout manned by a person named Tami. When she was done with the customer she was waiting on, I politely asked her if she wouldnt mind doing a price check for me as I couldn't find a sales associate anywhere. She curtly told me it's because they're all manning the checkouts and for further reference she told me how to find my own price checks. My wife showed up with her purchases and Tami gave me the price on the shoes. I said great! I'll take them! I picked up the box and was preparing to take my place in line but not before Tami got in a parting shot of you'll have to take your place at the end of the line. While standing in line waiting to get checked out, I noticed I wasn't the only customer she was having problems with. I don't normally shop in your in your stores so unless I'm given a map, guide or list of rules to follow and observe, I don't appreciate being dressed down by a cashier when I'm being polite in spite of her obviously having a bad day. Additionally, it wasn't my fault to understaff on a "holiday" weekend when we pay tribute to those veterans who died to preserve our freedoms. I'll seriously have to rethink whether or not I'll ever come back to this store given the reception I was met with by this cashier.


Chas Brothers,

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