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Good day Mr Levine
Let me introduce myself
My name is Christal Holmes I visited on of your family dollars store December 3 2018 while there I purchased an iTunes gift card for $150 upon returning home from your store I decided to download some music but to my surprise the code on the card had already been redeemed so I returned to the store to speak to the manager at the time which was Nicole to try to get some help with this issue.
After 2 hours Nicole had received no instructions on what to do. Nicole then told me she would email corporate to advise her on what to do so I waited until Friday December 7 2018 to give her a call at that point she said she had yet to hear from anyone to give it some more time. I gave Nicole a follow up call December 12 2018 at that she had yet to get back from corporate she then informed me she would send another email.
So I waited patently and call yesterday December 17 2018 to speak to Nicole only to find out she was no longer with family dollar after speaking to a couple of sales associates I was giving the name and number for Michael who is suppose to your district manager I called and left him a message on what appeared to be his cell phone and I'm still waiting to receive a phone call back from him.
I then called the store again and was the connected to Audrey acting training manager I spent about a hour and half on the phone with her and spoke to her 2 more times when she said she would email corporate
Now today I'm being told that I have just donated $150 to family dollar.
I have never experienced such treatment as this.
Being customer service profession my self I would never treat my clients the way I have been treated by you company over the past few weeks although family dollar low budget store that does not mean you treat and disregard your customers the way I was treated
I'm very dissatisfied and upset that I have been scammed at one of your stores. And now I'm being blown off by your management and corporate management this really not the way to treat the people who help to pay you and your employees salaries.
But it is good to know that family dollar does not care nor put their customer first.
So disappointed
Christal Lee Holmes

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