@myfamilydollar – Howard Levine – I want you to be aware of how your supervisors are treating your employees at

Laurie Kelner sent a message to Howard Levine that said:

I want you to be aware of how your supervisors are treating your employees at the cashier level. I am very upset of how one of your supervisors treated a cashier on 12/24/2018 of all days Christmas Eve. I was visiting the Family Dollar in Cloquet MN on 12/24/18 approximately at 2pm. This particular store is closing and offering 50% off store wide. There were numerous customers in this small store with only 2 cashiers working and the customers were very rude to one particular cashier. This cashier was very stressed and overwelmed by all the commotion going on around her. Her acting Supervisor called her as she was working and us as customers heard how incredibly rude and nasty she was being spoken to. This particular cashier broke down crying in tears, trying to keep her composure to continue to work at the same time the crowd was horrible/ to the point of being volitol. No one should ever be put into a situation as this women was. I put down my items and left the line, I then approached this cashier and put my arms around her apologizing for her suppervisors action. I looked up at all who we're staring at her said "No one should ever be treated this way and especially on Christmas Eve! I then left the store to go to my own place of employment as an RN to take care of those who were unfortunate to have to be away from their own families. This cashier was overwhelmed and humiliated by her supervisor. That suppervisor should have come into work and help with the crowd control. I will never come back to any of these stores unless someone trains the suppervisory role how to be compassionate and helpful. This cashier's Christmas was ruined, she should be compensated and an apology is in order. I left your store in tears because of how one of your employees was treated. It is December 26, 2018 and I still feel so bad for this women. I will speak with the media of how this particular employee was treated. My name is Laurie Kelner and you can reach me by phone 218-343-2418 or email lkelner@q.com.

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