@myfamilydollar – Howard Levine – I would like to start off by saying that I shop at Family Dollar quite

Shadeana Coleman sent a message to Howard Levine that said:

I would like to start off by saying that I shop at Family Dollar quite often.I love the store. usually customer service is great. it's very convenient to my home .however this Thursday my son and I were shopping in Family Dollar. My son was with me the whole time and as being very well behaved the store manager was in the back of the store working and started talking to my son making rude comments about the foot ball team because my son had on a jacket for the Steelers football team. the store manager then proceeded to come closer to my son and talk to him and I and started making comments as if he wanted to help me take care of my son if he had behavior issues which I explained to him that my son does not have behavior issues the store manager acted as if he was a drill team sergeant yelling loudly at my son and telling him to do push-ups I could smell alcohol on the store manager I tried to keep things calm and told him that my son was okay and he was not a problem at all my son was not running through the store he didn't touch anything it wasn't a big argument but I felt very uncomfortable. A customer seen what was going on and said something to the manager. The manager was very rude to him I got kinda scared thinking that a fight might happen.i told my son to come on and the manager got a call at the same time . So we walked away. Also the store has cameras if you look back at the cameras for this Thursday the store manager pulled out a knife to show my son and explain to my son if he gets into any trouble he would cut the back of his his ankles and he would never be able to walk again I thought that this was very uncomfortable and very inappropriate for someone especially with a managment position The Works in the store to behave in this manner to the customers. This manager was drunk and smelled of liquor.he comes to work drunk quite often and I know this for a fact because I shop in the store very often however this was the first time that I've had an issue with someone at the store behaving this in this manner with me and my family. The police were not called although I did think of going to the media about the situation I feel as though because my son is a black child this manager reacted this way for no reason we did nothing wrong there was no arguments no reason for him to even approach s and to pull out a knife in front of a child I feel like this manager should lose his job this happened at the store on Johns Island in South Carolina if you could please email me back to let me know that you got this email.

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