@nbcuniversal – Stephen Burke – I have a question. Why is no one addressing who Stormy Daniels is based on

Bill sent a message to Stephen Burke that said:

I have a question. Why is no one addressing who Stormy Daniels is based on her life's work? According to the biographical information available on the net she is a porn actress. According to this information she is a porn actress who has released more than 100 video films involving various scenarios of her having sexual intercourse with more than 1000 (One thousand!) different men in total. I have trouble believing that most of those who applauded her on SNL would do so if they knew who she really is and the moral system she openly represents. I believe that most of the people who watch SNL are good people, are not well informed and think of her as an honest and moral person who has been aggrieved by President Donald Trump. When it comes down to reality I don't believe that there are many who are so dedicated to being politically correct that they would sit their spouse and children down for an evening of family time watching a Stormy Daniels porn movie. I am over 70 years old and have been a Democrat and a Republican and to this day have never met a man or woman who would consider doing this let alone that it would be acceptable behavior. Every TV network and show that has her as a guest knows exactly who she is and what her objectives are. So why isn't any one considerate enough and brave enough to tell the viewers who she is? Even on Fox this information is not discussed!

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