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carmel ethel galeon sent a message to Nicolas Berggruen that said:

Have a Blessed Day and God Bless always to the kind hearted person Mr. Nicolas Berggruen who read and help for my parents daily alternative medical needs.
We belong to the indigent Filipino family who lives in the island of Mindanao, Philippines.My mother suffered stroke since year 2008 while my father has been a diabetic since year 2005 but because lack of money to support for their daily medical needs complications of their diseases arose.My mother's right body was badly affected by stroke her body cells have died that caused cyst to grow on her breast, that eventually turned to be a malignant breast cancer.While my father as a diabetic also undergo many complications,one of the major complication was that he was diagnose to have a pulmonary tuberculosis that affected his weight to loss badly.Due to their old aged my parents immune system could no longer handle the side effects of the many synthetic medicines that they drink daily as their maintenance.As of now both my parents needs to undergo detox and full cleansing of the harmful toxins that their body have.Thai is the reason why we have shifted to alternative medicine which is more expensive than synthetic medicines but has a natural way of healing.
I am knocking your kind and generous heart to please support us through your donations , the donations that you give to my parents will be treasure by us.
God bless you a thousand fold as you help someone like my parents who desperately needs your help.
I am hoping for your kind understanding and immediate help for my parents medical needs.
Once again God Bless and thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. Please "share your blessings" for it can really help in saving the lives of my parents.


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