on 5/19/17,I purchased a Lg refrigerator from Bestbuy online, the online advertisement stated – Hubert Joly email address

Mr. jewel sent a message to Hubert Joly President and CEO, Best Buy - email address that said:

on 5/19/17,I purchased a Lg refrigerator from Bestbuy online, the online advertisement stated excellent condition and containing all its parts, I understood this was an open box item, however as advertised i was ok with that. upon paying for and having the item picked up and delivered to my home, I discovered that it was obviously damaged in several places and missing the ice container, making the ice maker useless. I immediately contacted the appliance manager Ricky and he said that he was aware of all the damage and missing ice tray. When I told him that is not what the advertisement stated, he said the item was mislabeled and agreed to compensate me $200 for the ice tray or $100 dollars towards a new refrigerator. In my efforts to resolve this issue I called and attempted to speak with the district manager, who the store employee gave me as Michael Dorough . I was told I would receive a call back which never occurred. I subsequently spoke with Bestbuy Corp Office 1-888-237-8289 and logged a complaint. Complaint # Under Ca. law this is a clear violation, and a Criminal action. I would like to add all parties involved in the management and operation of this store as a party to this criminal complaint. It is my professional opinion that they either knew, participated in or were negligent in the defrauding of a consumer. As proof of this. according to the corporate Office complaint manager, this should have never occurred and if happened by accident, the store should have done everything in its power to correct it. According to the manager, it appears little to nothing was done to right this wrong. Ultimately I would like to resolve this incident and move on with little impact on my life, however, if the store is unwilling to take immediate action to resolve this issue, I request a criminal investigation be initiated for consumer fraud.

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