Need your help urgently To Mr. Leatich, I am very desperate and hope you can help – Matthew S Levatich email address

Franz Lebski sent a message to Matthew S. Levatich - President and Chief Executive Officer of Harley-Davidson, Inc. - Email Address that said:

Need your help urgently
To Mr. Leatich,
I am very desperate and hope you can help me.
I ordered my first Harley (Road King) this January, this was always a youthful dream of mine, I am now 56 years old and was looking forward to receive the bike. Delivery date should be April or until mid-May.
My friend who drives Harley for a very long time, has arranged a tour from 02.June.17 - 11.June.17, so I can go with him on my new Road King. All hotels are already booked. (Paid)
But my joy about the new motorcycle is now unfortunately gone and there is only despair and helplessness since my dealer told me a few days ago, the bike would not arrive in time to this date and he could do nothing.
I called Harley Davidson Germany, but they where hard to reach and didn´t provided any help at all.
That is why, in my despair, I am writing to you with the request to help me.
With the request that you can help me or send this e-mail to someone who can. So that eventually my new bike will arrive in time and I am able to drive my first tour with my Road King.
Otherwise, I have to cancel my acquaintance because Harley does not deliver on time and I would have to pay the hotels for the tour.
But I very much hope that you can help me and everything will be sort out. Please Please

After you can enter no data here, I need your e-mail address.
Have been looking for days to contact you personally. Write from Germany

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