@Nespresso – JeanMarc Duvoisin – Good morning, Mr. Duvoisin. I am very sorry to disturb you with my little problem

Eduardo sent a message to JeanMarc Duvoisin that said:

Good morning, Mr. Duvoisin.

I am very sorry to disturb you with my little problem, but I thought it would be important for you to be aware of it, as it may be part of a more structural issue within your corporation (specifically in Brazil's operations).
On April 12th, I purchased a Nespresso machine, as a birthday gift for a coworker. Some minutes after I purchased it, I realized that he lives in a city with a different voltage than mine, so I had to change the order. What happened since then is an incredible sequence of misinformation. I have been literally trying to follow every instruction from Nespresso customer service, but as of today (May 2nd), the machine in the correct voltage (110V) has not yet been delivered!
I've been a fan of Nespresso products for some years, but I am extremely disappointed about how Nespresso has been dealing with this. Not only lost my coworker's party, but also lost confidence on a brand that is supposed to bring customer experience to new levels.
Changing an order before it is processed is quite common in the best e-commerce sites (e.g. Amazon), so I do not think my expectation is unrealistic.
If you would like to know more details, my customer ID at Nespresso is 764434 and the service protocol of this specific problem is 5457937.
I believe it would also be worth noting that doing some internet searches (e.g. Reclameaqui.com.br) looks like other people have similar complaints.

Best regards,
Eduardo Tsuzuki

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