@nike – Mark Parker – Dear Mr. Parker, ?In the face of today?s challenges?from climate change to inequality to how

Fran Otruba sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

Dear Mr. Parker,
“In the face of today’s challenges—from climate change to inequality to how we unleash the potential of the next generation—I believe we need our boldest dreams yet.”
Mark Parker, Chairman, President and CEO of NIKE
Thank you for your vision.
Maybe to help further, with today's challenges, in one of your company's future ad campaigns or product lines, you could have the words - "Be Kind" added under the "Just Do It" words and Logo. I would certainly buy that product and wear it proudly.
I am 72 years old and have purchased your products for many, many years.
Sometimes we have to remind people to "Be Kind".
Your company has such a world wide platform and I believe it could be very beneficial to your company to help remind people of this very basic gesture.
Thank you for listening,
Fran Otruba

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