@nike – Mark Parker – Hi Mark, I am a Football mum, (English game) in New Zealand. Yes I am

Sarah Hirst sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

Hi Mark, I am a Football mum, (English game) in New Zealand. Yes I am looking to ask for something BUT I would also like to give something. New Zealand is a country that punches above its weight in Sport, the All Blacks of course but they are not the only sporting code. Here in NZ Rugby Union is seeing a huge change in the younger generation, due to culture, injury and ethnic diversity. Football, you may know as soccer is the fastest growing sport currently and in 10 years I predict that NZ will be qualifying for World Cup...well in 12 years I guess would be mathematically correct. So, I would like to ask for a small gift from Nike...every child that plays football here knows FC Barcelona...the club is huge, they hold camps here...Nike is huge as sponsors of FC Barcelona 🙂 I am secretary of a small club called Bay Tigers Football Club. This is for age 5 - 14 years, a junior club and future All Whites for NZ. Your drink bottles are great, we'd like to have our club name on them for our juniors (approx 75 children). Another reason being when you throw them in the car they don't leak all over the seats!
Is there a possibility we can purchase at cost? Or receive a donation even for some of them?
I guess if we don't ask we won't get. Thank you for your attention and keep your eyes on NZ Football...look at the AB's and what they have done for their brand.
Kind Regards Sarah

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