@nike – Mark Parker – Hi Mr. Parker, my name is Angi and I recently decided to help out this

Angi Jacobs sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

Hi Mr. Parker, my name is Angi and I recently decided to help out this Christmas by sponsering a child for Christmas whom is in foster care which means I am responsible to give them a wonderful Christmas considering most of their Christmas’s have not been very great. The child that was givin to me isn’t a small just buy some toys for child but a 19 year old male named Deontrae who has been in the system for the last 17 years. He is planning on going to college or joining the military and I would really like to help this Christmas by giving him what he asked for which isn’t IPhones or Xboxes but stuff from Nike. He has asked for gift cards, hoodies and jackets and shoes while most teens don’t have to ask for those things as presents and take for granted they are just normal to get these kids aren’t that lucky and I’m not expecting really anything from you but just thought if there was any way Nike could help give this kid most likely his last Christmas in foster care and help make it special it would be turkey appreciated. I’m going to do what I can personally but I also have 2 kids of my own and a niece I have taken care of for the last 4 years and just can’t afford to get him everything on his list. I was told Deontae loves fitness, sports, video games, fishing, and skateboarding and is a really good kid who has just had a rough life. I thank you for taking time from your day to read this and won’t be offended if nothing comes of it I just thought it would be worth a shot and I hope you have a great day and a merry Christmas 🎄

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