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edward Laszcz sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

I have for years embraced the values, ethics, discipline, dedication and loyalty of athletes and their commitment which supported and embodies the true spirit of our American values and system even dating to Jesse Owens who never disgraced the American flag, the National Anthem for his personal benefit.

The National Anthem, American Flag represents those who have sacrificed more than just a career for some political statement. It is not a political statement but we Americans are from those men going to war in WWII , Korea, Vietnam, Middle East not personal gain but for their families and country back home. They were proud to an American and showed loyalty in the American Flag and Anthem especially during times of distress in our culture. The pride of American has been individuals who got together against all odds that’s and succeeded … not the individual above everyone else rather the needs of the team over the individual ….that is who we are ....

Nike with their marketing strategy has the audacity that has the miss perception that elevating Colin Kaepernick as an individual who has competed against all odds for first sport (BTW what happened to his team and NFL as a result) …. The Nike ad program is completely miss guided and miss directed …. It does not memorialize our faith in a team effort with pride, ethics and loyalty and an unconditional commitment to the team, the American Way of Life and those who sacrificed everything including their own lives where we enjoy those fruits today…. Respect the blood that went into the creation of the American Flag and joy that resounded when singing the National Anthem in respect to those who sacrificed all. Colin Kaepernick has not demonstrated that unconditional sacrifice as those who bled for the flag… the only sacrifice is future income but yet he continues to well above average income to support to support a life style that most people would dream of.

What has the Nike role model actually sacrificed, his life maybe so others can live, only his personal illusion of grandeur and nothing more. Now Nike embraces that ideology and says it is great ….. Nike’s marketing is so dysfunctional and counterproductive. I sons in the military and in the Law enforcement who sacrificed so much and paid so little to protect Americans…. And are honored to do so ….

Nike memorialization of Colin Kaepernick has provided a dysfunctional self-centered model to the communities and youth of the United States where Nike now embraces the rogue individualist over the needs of his team. Based on history when the needs of the individual are ahead of the needs of the team… the team and individual fail. Nike is repeating history here.

Mark Parker as graduate of Penn State would you accept insulting your alma mater and run it into the ground just so you look good. I don’t think so. Nike is nothing I would support or future athletes to embrace because Nike fails to emphasize and support the United States theme. You guys have made a major marketing mistake, just do it, send single of not commitment and dedication and discipline but individualism, over team synergy, anarchy and self-destructive behavior is what are youth and communities should support.

I was really looking for season to watch pro football without pollical agendas, and now by ‘Just do It’ marketing strategy with Colin Kaepernick as the role model and center piece, I am so disgusted that I envision not supporting the NFL nor its sponsor Nike any further.

Best regards
Ed Laszcz
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