@nike – Mark Parker – I purchased a pair of Skylon Ace XV ProEvo 863 sunglasses a few years ago

Ian Fraser sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

I purchased a pair of Skylon Ace XV ProEvo 863 sunglasses a few years ago whilst abroad on vacation. Recently I unfortunately damaged one of the lenses i.e. the fitment holding the lense into the frame snapped whilst I was cleaning the lense. The glasses are advertised online by various vendors as have interchangeable lenses so I was surprised today when contacting Nike online via a chat facility to be advised Nike.com do not do a replacement lens. I was then advised to contact the vendor I purchased these from for options. Quite apart from the fact I purchased these abroad - very unlikely I'd ever be back to the country concerned never mind be able to go back to the shop purchased from - I found the advice odd i.e. if Nike.com the manufacturer do not supply replacement lenses then what would the shop who sold me the glasses be able to do? He then advised visiting a local Nike store for options, again why if no replacement lens is available? The other problem there is no Nike store in Dundee, Scotland! I really like these glasses, they're great for the golf and general day to to day wear when we see the very occasional glint of sunshine that occurs in Scotland. If it's truly the case Nike do not offer replacement lenses or the means to purchase them directly from whoever manufactures these for you would it be possible to advise those selling these that the lenses are not interchangeable? In the meantime if you confirm a replacement lens is genuinely unavailable I'll go source myself replacement glasses.

Thanks & Regards, Ian Fraser

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