@nike – Mark Parker – In a time where we need strong leaders Nike is a shining example of qualities

paul sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

In a time where we need strong leaders Nike is a shining example of qualities of great leadership, and something Trump should of done..!!!
That is to get down on your knee ,with Kap , (you expect a leader to listen) and you ask him “what is wrong Kap. I’m listening”… and Kap will tell you.
if you choose to listen…
this is not just about police officers shooting or mistreating black individuals, it’s the fight that every single gay, female, Muslim, Jew, black, children of all races fight everyday. Gays fear for their lives everyday around the world, and they are not treated as equals..
Women have the fear of being harassed, raped, and still fight for the right for their bodies or equal pay…and lets not talk about the injustices of muslim women, the sex slave industry doesn’t discriminate , be it male ,female, child, black, white, muslim. They want what everyone wants, to be equal and to love their spouse, their children ,see them safe from all forms of harassment and watch them grow up in an environment where everyone is equal, and that is the idea of the United States of America .
Then after Kap bares his soul, and the fear of not knowing who to turn to, in that moment of crisis, you listened, then you turn to the people and say I cant fight these injustices alone and Kap cant also, but together ,we will address and conquer these prejudices, this divide of racial issues in all its form.
We will call the right law enforcement personnel.
The leaders of the community’s etc.
,create a campaign, then you let Kap fly, a symbol that we are fighting racial divide not just for blacks but all injustices gays females and children and you have this movement pushed in a positive direction.
And when you look down on Kap Kneeling in protest, you make a promise that your lesbian, Muslim, jewish,black child. Will be born in a world. Where they will not need to fight the right to be treated equally , but ARE treated equally…
Nike you showed what true leadership is about.. this is a company that shouldn’t just lead. but qualities like this is a company you should follow….. this Mr.Trump is signs of true leadership…. This is leadership that I would follow…. Thank you Nike…

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