@nike – Mark Parker – Mark, Not sure who your marketing director is or if you call all the shots

KEMPER S. WATKINS sent a message to Mark Parker that said:

Not sure who your marketing director is or if you call all the shots but this latest decision to use colon k. is downright disgusting. I am a 100% Total and Permanent, Disabled Veteran and stayed with your sorry ass company, buying your products while UA was and is kicking your competitive ass up and down the block. No more, you and your company can rot in hell. I spent 28 years defending this country, I have two sons currently defending this country and colon k. is about a big a disgrace this country has ever produced. Steve Pre knew the meaning of standing for something, he was his coach's inspiration for starting nike, but I guess all that history gets re-written when you think assholes like colon k. is going to increase your bottom line and that's only reason you're doing this. FUCK YOU AND YOUR IDIOTIC EXCUSE FOR DRAGGING COLON K. BACK INTO THE LIMELIGHT! He does NOT know the meaning of oppression, he should kneel on the ground and kiss the feet of every cop that has ever had to protect his rotten, spoiled, worthless ass. He stands for nothing but himself and he deserves NOTHING from you or any other piece of shit company, HE DESERVES TO GO AWAY, GO BROKE OR GO TO A THIRD WORLD COUNTRY AND SEE WHAT REAL OPPRESSION AND POLICE BRUTALITY IS, HE’S A FUCKING COWARD AND SO ARE YOU! Go to hell mark, you're going to see colon and lot's of his type with you there. Burning my nike shit products now.
720-260-5318 call, so we can discuss your chickenshit decision.

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