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firstly, thank you for providing an email address for me to get in touch. The internet is getting increasingly complex and navigating the numerous web sites Nike operate is confusing.
No personal info - sorry, can't do it.
At 52, I have been bothered by broad feet all my life. sometimes, I am lucky enough to find someone able to supply me a correctly fitting shoe but it is the norm to have to buy something up to 4 sizes to big in order to get something broad enough.

I have recently been told my foot arches are in a state of collapse for which I have been provided specially designed shoe inserts. They were costly but have worked wonders for my mobility..

Unfortunately, I was only supplied with one pair of correctly fitting formal black shoes.
Inappropriate for a walk in the country, pottering at home or digging the garden.

I wonder if you are able to help?

My feet are a UK size 10 but a size G in the width.

I understand there are some trainers that you allow customers to customise and I wonder if you would be able to consider allowing me two pairs of trainers that I am able to customise?

I am looking for one to be high sided to allow me to walk in the country and one to be low sided for pottering around the house. both should have commando style soles, be lace ups and have the internal space to allow a bulky insert. We can compromise a little on colouring and markings. I desperately need something that fits.

Sir. Are you in a position to help? An obvious point for me to mention is that if you are, you will retain my custom for quite a few years due to a lack of companies selling what I need. I am also a UK resident.

Thank you

Peter F Stuart

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