NJ Rich Chinese EB5 approved due to Hurricane Sandy with support of Obama and – Stephen Schwarzman email address

hong sent a message to Stephen A. Schwarzman – Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO, The Blackstone Group L.P. – Email Address that said:

NJ Rich Chinese EB5 approved due to Hurricane Sandy with support of Obama and Accessory to murder investigation on Hillary and State Department
All Congress got the below hard copy package but keep silent or lie, I would let you know !

Iavaka best friend Wendi a top Chinese spy. This is national security !!! Do you know how Chairman got the power in China ? It is called “using the rural areas to encircle the cities" using cheating, hate, etc. Check what Trump did this time.

Trump Bay Street is a 50-story luxury rental apartment building being built by Kushner Companies, It hired US Immigration Fund ( Chinese name 美国移民基金 ) together with Qiao to seek rich Chinese investors.

It clearly stated that US Immigration Fund gained support from Obama, Debbie -Schultz and Ron in person.

It also stated in the ads that it is the only one that fit for urgent approve by INS due to Hurricane Sandy.

Based on Qiao website, it has a lot of EB5 investments in US, such as w57 Manhattan, time square broadway1568, etc. Supporters to Qiao not only from Obama, Rudy, Debbie -Schultz but also from New York Governor David, Pete , Formal New York Mayor Bloomberg, etc

Qiao website also stated that, Brett , who in charge of US Immigration Fund China part, used to be a staff of Senator Harry.

During interview with Qiao CEO vivian, she claimed that Qiao EB5 could be approved in 3 days.

Both Trump or Kushner did not mention Trump New Jersy Bay Street tower Chinese Ads,based on Bloomberg and CNN report.

Also Wendi, Trump daughter best friend is top Chinese Spy.

all details and pictures of Obama with NJ Chinese Ads CEO , Rudy

Thanks for protect USA freedom


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